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Free Resources. That Matter.


The following resources will enhance your personal leadership or presentation skills study, as well as provide you new information and techniques you can use in your own teaching, speaking or training. Enjoy and let me know how I can help you in the future.​


Rhett's Content - A Quick Glance

Photo album containing quotes from Rhett's programs

Leadership Activities

25+ hands-on activities Rhett uses in his high-energy workshops and conferences


Slide Shows

Ingredients of Great Officership

A creative and visual look at great student leadership

The Leap Show

An inspirational slide show

Authenticity Rules

An overview slide show of the seven Authenticity Rules

Six Keys to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement strategies

Upgrade Your Slide Show - Example

A brief look at techniques for making effective, classy slide shows

Random Factoids

A fun slide show containing a large list of random facts about multiple topics

It's a Breeze - Time Management

Time management tips

Slide Shows

Impact Rules

A quick look at Rhett Laubach's Impact Rules

Leaders in Gear

An inspirational credo found in Rhett Laubach's Leaders in Gear book


A visual reminder of five critical presentation success elements

Cheetah Leader

A high-definition poster of the Cheetah Leader program principles


To Be American Is...

A poster of Rhett's patriotic poem "To Be American Is..."

Effective Leader Formula

A cool poster to display explaining the basic building blocks of effective teamwork


Epic Speaking Tips

A collection of Rhett's best speaking tips covering everything from room set-up to controlling nerves


12 Principles of Remarkable Customer Service

A document containing the 12 Principles of Remarkable Customer Service

Sullivan Ballou Letter

The letter written by the Civil War soldier Sullivan Ballou

Rhett's Best FFA Speaking Tips

A short list of vital tips for success in competitive FFA speaking

Leadership Circus Station Signs

The signs used during the Leadership Circus activity

Kelly Barnes' MOVE Formula

A look at the essential training elements to create engagement

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