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Corporate Services


Rhett brings a high level of emotional and intellectual engagement to your event through interactive presentations, making him a perfect fit to be #YourNextSpeaker. 

Rhett has also modified a large number of his presentations to fit the virtual presentation format. 

Tight budget? Let's talk about it. #YourNextSpeaker is always willing to work within clients' available resources.

“Rhett connected with my sales team and had a very positive impact. He was well worth the time, energy and investment. He was well prepared, engaging and committed to bringing a well-presented message to our sales team. His impact will not soon be forgotten!” 

Steve Hipson

Oklahoma City Branch Manager, Patterson Dental



Rhett survived a brain tumor in 2014. This experience created a message full of lessons on how to overcome life's greatest challenges. #LiveToServe is an emotional experience filled with 
laughter, heart, and moments that inform leaders how to make a positive difference in the lives of others even during the most difficult days.


Fall In Love With Your Job 
Only 30% of the working population are fully engaged in their work.  This program is designed for professionals interested in falling in love with their job and is packed with tips and strategies that are creative, motivating and tangible enough to be applied today.  The learning objectives are: how to genuinely bring your best work to the table, how to positively work through the struggles created by change and relationships at work and how to improve your productivity using proven time and stress management techniques.



Learn how to be an actively engaged ambassador who knows how to best carry your organization's brand. This message contains the five key roles Torchbearers play within his/her company, organization, association and/or cause that attracts attention and resources.



Move Beyond The Labels

Today's workplace has men and women from five generations.  Your team's communication style, decision-making process, and relationships are improved when you understand the differences, while also focusing on the commonalities.  This engaging and interactive workshop provides insight into the tendencies of each generation and how you can move beyond the labels and find common ground.


Leadership Principles for Delicate Conversations
Learn how to ease the pain and improve the positive results of a delicate conversation. 


Manage Your Time or It Manages You
Learn to control your time by controlling your inputs, the power of your technology and the little moves that make the biggest difference.


Engagement Rules
Learn how and why effective presenters are so good.


Remarkable Customer Service 
Learn what matters most to customers and motivates them to give positive remarks to others about your products and services.


Get the Best Performance 
Learn the coaching and communication techniques effective managers, supervisors and team leaders use to get their teams fully engaged.

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