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Rhett's content and interactive presentation style strongly connects with teachers, education staff, and high school/college students. Rhett's programs are perfect for student leadership conferences, school assemblies, back-to-school events and education staff development days.

Rhett has also modified a large number of his keynotes and workshops to fit the virtual presentation format. 


Contact us today even if your budget is tight.  We are always flexible with our education clients.



Rhett survived a brain tumor in 2014. This experience created a message full of lessons on how to overcome life's greatest challenges. #LiveToServe is an emotional experience filled with laughter, tears, and moments that inform leaders how to make a positive difference in the lives of others even during the most difficult days.


The Big World of Others 
This high-energy, highly-interactive keynote message encourages, inspires and challenges leaders to live in the big world of others instead of the little world of self. Leaders discover how to activate his/her ability to stop focusing on self and start focusing on others.




How Does Your Leadership Sound?

Part leadership workshop, part rock concert, this interactive, high-energy experience will help you learn how the story of effective leaders sounds and how you can tune up and turn up to get there.


Working in the 30% Zone

This program is designed for anyone interested in fueling his/her passion for work and includes strategies that can be applied today. The learning objectives are: how to bring your best work to the table every day, how to positively work through struggles and how to improve productivity using time and stress management techniques.


The Impact Rules

Learn how to make a difference, build trust, overcome challenges and create lasting change in your peer group, school, family and community.


How to Get, Keep and Advance in a Great Job

Learn how to get in STEP (Skills, Talents, Experience/Education, Passion) with a job made just for you: interviewing, networking, trust building, promotion earning and more.


Engagement Rules

Learn how and why effective presenters are so good.



Learn how to have the drive and energy to make it happen and how to motivate others to do the same.


Get in the Best Position for Career Success

Learn the networking and time management strategies that move student leaders closer to career success.


Speak and Listen with Purpose

Learn how to speak clearly and listen actively. Sharper communication skills equal more effective leadership and stronger results.


Masterful Time Management

Learn to control your time by controlling your inputs, the power of your technology and the little moves that make the biggest difference.


Staff In-Services


What Students Need Most
Learn how to fall back in love with working in education and how to most effectively help students give his/her best even though they are stressed, tired and distracted.


How to Earn Student Attention 
Learn how to effectively engage students using time-tested and newly-developed techniques.


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“Rhett has the ability to relate to all kinds of people. He knows how to pull at heartstrings as well as to challenge the mind. He is a delightful speaker and will be an inspiration to your special group.” 

Bonnie Bowman

Director of Child Nutrition, OKC Schools

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