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Rhett works with professionals, students and pageant contestants to create an individual development program to enhance presentation skills, interview techniques and more. 


​Rhett can help you understand your presentation strengths and weaknesses, sharpen your delivery and content development and give personalized answers to all of your presentation development questions. 


Rhett has worked with 2012 Miss America Runner-Up Betty Thompson, 2013 Miss America Third Runner-Up Alicia Clifton, 2006 Miss America Jennifer Berry-Gooden and 2007 Miss America Lauren Nelson-Faram. 


Pageant Trainings


Interview Coaching: Preparation strategies, body language coaching, sentence structure, effective answer templates, nerves management, developing an effective closing and how to give your best in the critical moments of the interview.


Paperwork Coaching: Grammar/layout, platform statement development, planting questions in paperwork, etc.


Platform Coaching: How to become an expert in your area, developing a "brand worthy" title, building an effective and flexible assembly program and layout of platform statement.


Contact us today to discuss coaching fees and availability.


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Presentation & Interview Coaching

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