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Interested in hearing what other people have to say about #YourNextSpeaker, Rhett Laubach? Check out testimonials below!




The time that our office spent with Rhett Laubach may be the single most important and relevant staff meeting we have ever had. Our team thoroughly enjoyed his presentation style and delivery. His "Impact Rules" presentation made each of us think about and evaluate our roles on the team and what each of us could do to make our team more successful and cohesive. I would highly recommend Rhett and look forward to hosting him in our office again.​

Mitchell Kramer, DDS

Edmond Family Dental Designs

You will never know how much you impressed us and how much we enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for speaking at our Court Clerk Conference!

Sandra Harrison

Oklahoma Municipal Court Clerks

We have used Rhett for several company workshops. Regardless of the audience, adults or youth, Rhett has always delivered the right message at the right time. AQHA is so thankful to YourNextSpeaker for helping us meet our mission.

Leman Wall

American Quarterhorse Association

Outstanding job. Many, many employees approached me afterwards to comment on how much they enjoyed your presentation. Your presentation was exactly what we were looking for. I would like to discuss future presentations where we can expand on what was presented.

Fred Koebrick

CEO, Indian Health Service

The first speaker I have encountered who is not only inspirational, but also gives extremely valuable information and resources. I have heard Rhett speak three times and have NEVER been disappointed and neither will you!

Shellee Beatty

Human Resources Coordinator, Stillwater Medical Center

Rhett connected with my sales team and had a very positive impact. He was well worth the time, energy and investment. He was well prepared, engaging and committed to bringing a well-presented message to our sales team. His impact will not soon be forgotten!

Steve Hipson

Oklahoma City Branch Manager, Patterson Dental

As always, Rhett brought a wonderful energy as well as tangible information to the group. His experiential style was appreciated by all especially since we asked him to do the dreaded, after-lunch slot. Rhett invigorates every group to which I've had the fortunate opportunity to observe and the class loved his insights on leadership and, more specifically, the art of mentoring others.

Elaine Dodd

Vice President, Fraud Training, Oklahoma Bankers Association

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“Rhett did an outstanding job for Leadership Perryton. His presentation to the leadership class was fun, full of information and easy to understand.  Even more important – the information was something they could put to use immediately. We also got great comments from those attending the talk open to the public at our community meeting. We are using Rhett again this year and will plan for future sessions.” 

Cynthia Shattles

Leadership Perryton Coordinator

“Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Thank you so much for making great fun out of an important topic. Your presence at the HR conference was the highlight of the conference for me, We hope to bring you back again and again."

Jackie Hicks

Senior HR Representative, St. Francis Hospital

The comments I received regarding your presentation on leadership at our National Trust Real Estate Association included the words "dynamic", "engaging", "entertaining" and more. Several of our attendees said, "We need to get this guy back again." I couldn't be happier and I thank you for your participation in our forum. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone wanting their group to learn more about leadership AND would like to have fun while learning it taking place.​

Dennis Moore

Sr. Vice-President & Managing Director, Real Estate Management Group, BOK Financial

I was quite delighted to see you back. Your surgery has not slowed you down, nor dampened your message. You remain one of the few motivational speakers I can sit through because of your complete sincerity. You can teach an old cynic new ways to find the light in his job and co-workers. I've often said, the nicest thing you can do for a cynic is to prove him/her wrong. You do that well. I look forward with hope to seeing you at our next retreat and the ones beyond.

Shane Hoover

Beasley Technology​

I'm not quite sure how you did it, but in 20 short minutes you brought to light where the focus needs to be and where the energy does not need to go. You reminded all of us why we are here. It's all about the kids and you helping us will help us do a better job for them!

Sharon Storm Brown

Executive Director, Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Thank you for your engaging presentation. I can't remember the last time a speaker had to tell the audience it was time to go!

Julie Via

Chapter President, OK Green Country American Society for Training and Development

We thoroughly enjoyed your interactive approach in getting us going on setting goals. I really admire the way you spent time with each audience participant, to know their name, and used it in your presentation!

Phyllis Spriggs

Human Resources Professional

Talk about excitement and enthusiasm around the whole bank. I got calls from people who didn't go that said they have heard they missed out and call after call from those who attended about how excited they are about everything going on. I thought the workshop was perfectly organized and very effective in reaching our goals and we had great input and ideas from every group. Thank you so much for coming, it was just unbelievable, encouraging and uplifting! I keep thinking about it and am getting excited for the next time we have you back.

Amy Bailey

Training Director, Citizens Bank

THANK YOU for the awesome job during the Texas Association of Extension 4-H Agents Conference. We have heard many remarks, all positive!

Todd Williams

Texas Extension 4-H Agents

Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Thank you so much for making great fun out of an important topic. Your presence at the HR conference was the highlight of the conference for me, We hope to bring you back again and again. You have a way of making things so clear where we can all understand what we need to do to ‘Light the Fire.’

Jackie Hicks

Sr. HR Representative, Saint Francis Hospital

You were the perfect opening keynote speaker for our conference. Your energy helped "jumpstart" our attendees for the 2 1/2 day conference. We received a lot of feedback stating you were the highlight of the conference and that they truly walked away with something to take back with them to their office. We were very fortunate to find you. Thanks again.

Julie Callahan

2005 Oklahoma State Human Resources Conference Chair

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"Rhett is a better version of Will Ferrell!"

Student Leader

Agricuture Future of America (AFA) Student Advisory Team Member

I would highly recommend Rhett Laubach for officer training sessions, career awareness workshops, and keynote addresses. I have been the State TSA Advisor for the past ten years and feel Rhett is one of the best motivational speakers and workshop trainers available today.

Donovan Bowers

Former Oklahoma TSA State Advisor

If you want a presenter or presentation that entertains as well as trains, then Rhett Laubach is the tool you need. Watching Rhett work is like watching a good movie; you never know what will happen until the very end.

Franklin L. Davis

South Carolina FFA State Officer

Thank you for talking with us about banquet speaking. You built up the confidence I have in my own speaking by showing me what I have done right and by showing me some areas that I need to work on to become a better speaker. By spending the evening with you, I am one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming an energetic and engaging speaker!

Jason Clapp

Indiana FFA State Officer

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"Rhett is always engaging, interactive and on target. He addresses the topic at hand while leading participants down a road of discovery. If you are looking for an interactive learning experience without the same old PowerPoint, Rhett is the person to present to your group."

Jennifer Lawson-Newby

Human Resources Coordinator, OSU-Center for Health Sciences and OSU-Tulsa

“I believe Rhett is one of the best motivational speakers whom we have had at our Alaska state conferences. I look forward to having him back in our state.”

Arlie Swett

Alaska Student Government State Advisor

The presentation was one of the best I have been to. The thing I like the most about your key note was that not being a teacher but support staff, I was actually able to take what you said and apply it to what I do. So much of what is taught at the conference is geared to teachers and classrooms. I truly enjoyed everything you had to say!! You helped me to think about how I, as a support staff, can improve myself and be the "torch bearer". I also enjoyed your presentation on Time Management. Being an Assistant Principal secretary, that is

one thing that I can really use help with. In the office, we have nothing but constant interruptions!

Dawn New


Thank you so much for an excellent workshop with the Wisconsin State FFA Officer team! I think that you did an excellent job of really addressing issues that were pertinent to our team and things that are really going to help us to do a better job throughout the next half of the year. I was truly impressed by your excellent preparation and how knowledgeable you were about the issues we are currently facing!

Laura Hoffelt

Wisconsin FFA State Officer

Thank you for an excellent keynote presentation at the 2003 FCCLA State Leadership Conference. Your presentation had a positive impact on both the members and advisors. The participants rated your session 4.86 out of 5.0 in our summative evaluations.

Donnell Barton

Nevada FCCLA State Advisor

What you taught really hit home. I learned more in your conference than I have in all the others combined (and that is a lot of others). You are the first presenter to ever make the presentation personal. You learned my name. You used my name. You made it sound like you cared for me. You also stressed the fact that as State Officers we can change other people's lives. You not only taught leadership skills, but indirectly taught life skills. People skills. Friendship skills. And because of that, I am eternally grateful. I truly am a different person. Sweet Chicken baby!

Cameron Beech

Utah DECA State Officer

Rhett is excellent at working with State FFA Officers to develop and enhance banquet speeches. Our Indiana State Officers truly enjoyed the time spent with Rhett!

Stephanie Warner

Indiana FFA Program Specialist

Rhett and partners Stewart and Casey Kennedy presented a three day leadership workshop to the state Career and Technical Student Organization officers and then the following week to FCCLA sub-district officers. The comments from sub-district counselors and officers were outstanding. Rhett and partners kept the students enthusiastic and learning the entire time.

Denise Morris

Oklahoma FCCLA State Advisor

After the first training that included state officers from each of the ACTE divisions, the state FCCLA officers requested that we bring Rhett back for our FCCLA Fall Leadership conference. At these two conferences, Rhett was very personable and energetic. He mingled with conference attendees as they came in and became aware of their names, schools and a little about various communities throughout the state. This made it very fun and personable for the students.

Arlou Vance

Utah FCCLA State Advisor

Your presentations and ideas were a cut above other speakers. I particularly appreciated your commitment to students. I observed the way you spoke with each student, demonstrating a real interest in each member. You dove into our conference willing to give of yourself in every aspect of the meeting, not restricting or defining your job based on a speaker's fee. The students acquired a CLEAR definition of leadership for today.

Patricia DiGioia-Laird

New Jersey FCCLA State Advisor

When a person mentions Rhett Laubach and Stewart Kennedy to me, two words spring into my head in an instant - talent and experience. They are an amazing team that knows how to use their given talent, personal experiences and energy to touch the lives of young people.

Christa Morris

American Quarter Horse Youth Association

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“Rhett does an excellent job of drawing the audience into his presentation. He is energetic and holds attention easily. Although the majority of the audience for this event was teenagers and young adults, I would recommend Rhett as a speaker to a wide range of audiences.”

Sandra Wheeler

Western Technology Center Health Science Tech Instructor

“Rhett has the ability to relate to all kinds of people. He knows how to pull at heartstrings as well as to challenge the mind. He is a delightful speaker and will be an inspiration to your special group.” 

Bonnie Bowman

Director of Child Nutrition, OKC Schools

As Executive Secretary of the Oklahoma FFA Association, I had the opportunity to work very closely with Rhett when he served two years as a State FFA Officer from 1991-1993. . . He can spark a fire and build self-esteem in a group of young people with the ingenuity and persuasiveness of a master teacher.

Kent Boggs

Oklahoma FFA Executive Secretary

The Success Connection IV Conference was a huge success. Because of your contribution as a presenter, conference participants left with new ideas and great resources.

Renae Lomenick

Oklahoma School-To-Work Speaker Management Team

In September Rhett Laubach spoke to our student body encouraging them to join their respective student organization - FBLA, VICA, HERO, or HOSA. To say that the students, as well as faculty, enjoyed him is a gross understatement. Rhett has a way of expressing himself such that when he finished, the students couldn't wait to get started.

Debra Thompson

Great Plains Technology Center Activities Coordinator

I first met Rhett when he was recommended as a speaker for an assembly program at the school were I was serving as Director. Rhett mesmerized, motivated and entertained a group of more than 900 students. Their enthusiasm for him and his presentation was obvious during his speech by their response and after his speech by the number of students wanting to talk to him personally.

Joe Ann Vermillion

Kiamichi Technology Center (McAlester Campus) Director

. . .opening session of the 2000 Colorado FFA State Convention. . .he got their attention. . . He had them on their feet, laughing, clapping, and participating in interactive activities they were still doing at our seventh and final session two days later. . . I highly recommend Mr. Rhett Laubach as a presenter for any student organization. His professionalism, energy and commitment to students makes him an excellent choice you won’t regret.

Ricky Sellers

Colorado FFA State Advisor

Rhett and Stewart are wonderful motivators. They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm in their delivery. Sometimes it is difficult to motivate and inspire young people today. Rhett and Stewart know how to reach them. The students responded well and participated in many activities that were planned. It was exciting to watch their enthusiasm developing in our students throughout the day.

Carrie DeMuth

Chisholm Trail Technology Center FBLA/PBL Advisor

It was great to have presenters who ‘know’ FFA and student organizations. As past state FFA officers and national leadership conference staff, you know what appeals to students and how to maximize their learning potential during a leadership conference. And we really appreciate your competitive rates so that we can provide the best leadership and personal development conference for Nebraska FFA members that is cost effective.

Donelle Johnson

Nebraska FFA Executive Secretary

This last year as Superintendent of Morrison Schools, I used Rhett for our staff in-service. As usual he did a tremendous job. The staff was thrilled and motivated and I was very satisfied.

Dr. Phil Berkenbile

Oklahoma Career-Tech State Director

I want to say thanks to Rhett for helping me inspire the drive and desire in my chapter members to pursue anything they want and to increase their leadership skills. If there is anything I can do to repay him for the messages and lessons he taught my students, I will do it.

Katie Thalman

North Summit, Utah FFA Advisor

I enthusiastically support Rhett in his efforts to provide motivational speeches and presentations to individuals and groups and urge your serious consideration of him in this regard.

Dr. James Halligan

Former Oklahoma State University President

Rhett worked with our students in our Teen Student Leadership Academy as well as the keynote speaker for our "At-Risk" conference, and was one of the best that we have the opportunity to work with and hear speak. Rhett has great rapport with both teens and adults and knows how to draw them in to become a part of his training. I work with presenters from across the nation and Rhett is outstanding in his field. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Rhett for your speaking and training needs.

Tammy Brothers

Program Director, West Central Indiana Educational Service Center

The last three years the Mid-American Basketball Academy has employed Rhett Laubach as a featured speaker for athletes entering their senior year in high school This is an NCAA certified event with very intense competition. All of the attendees (100 from 25 states) are college basketball prospects. Rhett has been the most popular and entertaining presenter that we have provided our participants. . . I recommend Rhett Laubach to anyone that wants to add excitement and entertainment to their specific agenda presentation.

Tom Tietze

Mid-American Basketball Academy President

Our Student Council heard Rhett Laubach speak at a Regional Student Council Conference in Dodge City, Kansas. He was fantastic. We knew right away we wanted to have him speak to our entire student body at Haviland High School. Mr. Laubach delivered a very motivational message to our students at HHS. He involved everyone. We were all very pleased and I would say and know our students would agree that most of us have never heard a more energetic, fun and inspirational speaker. I highly recommend Rhett Laubach.

Linda Ballard

Stu Co Sponsor, Haviland, KS High School

On behalf of Durant High School I would just like to thank you for the wonderful speech that you gave us at the OSU Leadership Conference. We had three representatives from our school and we were all three impressed as well as inspired by what you said. I know I can be a great influence. I had so much fun in your presentation because it is so energetic and you presented it well. So, thank you so very much!

Manette Dixon

Student, Durant, OK High School

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks for your inspirational thoughts and opinions. I've always been a quiet person and thought of my self as more of a "follower" rather than a ‘leader.’ Your definition of a leader made me think otherwise. Thanks for being such a positive influence and a great role model for the younger generations. I've always wanted to make a difference in someone's life and I know now that I do make a difference everyday just by influencing someone else's thoughts, feelings, or actions. I really respect people like you who can get up in front of an audience and tell them your personal life experiences and talk freely about anything that expresses their feelings. The world is a better place because of people like you.

Rikki Schneider

H.S. Student, Woodward, Oklahoma

Rhett has provided leadership training for Missouri FCCLA members for several years now. Our members are always excited when they find out that Rhett is going to be a presenter. His energetic presentation style, along with his high standards of excellence, provides our students with not only a quality motivational experience, but also an educational one.

Christine Hollingsworth

Missouri FCCLA State Advisor

THANK YOU for an awesome presentation. On the evaluations, yours was the top one selected. Based on the feedback from the Student Leaders Forum, we will do this again next year!

Sue Saia

Cowley College Dean of Student Life

Thank you for sparking my interest in public speaking. This year, because of my skill and experience, I was able to deliver a speech at the Governor's Mansion and the Pentagon. I was also able to discuss issues in England, as a Powell-Straw Youth Ambassador

Michael Goodman

2004 Oklahoma Student of the Year

I attended your Torchbearer program in Athens. Thank you so much for what you shared with us. I am a 22-year veteran teacher who had been considering throwing in the towel. I left your workshop with a new motivation and a new determination to fulfill my call as an educator!

Bertha Chatman

Georgia HS Teacher

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"What you had to say about forgiveness really spoke to my heart and I just wanted to say thank you. You are my favorite speaker out of all the ones I have heard. I love that you draw the audience in and make us think about what exactly it is you're saying. Thank you for doing what you do. You not only motivate me, but you make me want to pursue my goals and succeed." 


"Rhett is full of energy and contagious enthusiasm. He immediately draws in an audience with powerful activities and stories and has an amazing way of relating to everyone. His materials are original, non-threatening, dynamic teaching tools. They address the immediate goals of the event and translate perfectly into 'take-home' continuing education."

Denise Vaniadis

Union High School Assistant Principal

Rhett was very perceptive to each group's individual needs and style. He is an outstanding speaker who was highly motivating! This type of event is very expensive for us, but we feel that we definitely got our money's worth with his wonderful style and presentation. Rhett was very personable and made each person who met him feel that they were a close and personal friend. He definitely has a unique gift and is using his talents to instill a positive influence in our youth. I think this was the best leadership conference we've ever had! I couldn't have been more pleased.

Kaylene Kovach

Riverside Middle School Principal

This week we talked about goals. It really made a lot of sense to me because I never really took the time to think about what I wanted or what I want to accomplish. It really allowed me to set goals and standards on how to achieve them. At the end, I found myself thinking of where I will be in the next five years or so and I have really set some realistic goals. It has encouraged me to start planning for my future.


It was such a pleasure having you at the Texas State FCCLA Meeting. Thank you for making such a dynamic presentation to our members and having it be such an interactive session. The students really enjoyed the music activity where you played the guitar and had them actively involved. Of course, the message you gave them was just what they needed to hear. You did a great job!

Sharon Pierce

Texas FCCLA State Advisor

Just wanted to say thank you once again for such an oustanding evening. You went above and beyond what I could have asked for. The comments Sunday morning were just overwhelming. I hope to work you again in the near future and if nothing else you inspired me this weekend.

Wayne Elder

Oklahoma DeMolay State Workshop Coordinator

I don't know that I've ever seen that many high marks from a group of teens!

Patti Rogers

Touchstone Energy Leadership Conference

I really appreciate the tremendous conference you put on for our Indiana FFA members. For me personally, it was the first time nearly all year that I had been able to get in full conference participant mode and really feel like I could associate with the feelings and emotions that other FFA members were going through during the event. I am truly inspired now to keep working as hard I can to actually follow through with the goal setting process you both outlined. I'd say the way the entire conference was presented -- with plenty of upbeat, physical activities combined with a tremendous reflective session -- truly helped both myself and members that may had been a little uneasy about going to an "FFA Conference" get a chance to realize where they are in life and set a solid direction to follow.

Geoffrey Miller

Indiana FFA State President

I want to tell you how much I appreciated your motivational speech at the SkillsUSA competition. You made me smile, and nod in agreement many times…you reminded me of all the things that I know, deep down inside, on how to live my professional and personal life, but have not been applying. I didn't realize I was in need of recharging, and you provided that! Even our ‘rough and tumble' auto tech and carpentry young men were listening. These are boys from a rural area, and would normally scoff and say, “I don't need to listen to that!

Wisconsin SkillsUSA Advisor

Rhett spoke at our State FFA Convention in May 2008 in front of about 3,000-4,000 people and he got them to be loud and proud about the reason they were there and he got them to be quiet and reflective about what we believe in. Before the convention a teacher told me he wants to see a convention where the audience is more involved. Thankfully Rhett brought that with him. He had the crowd cheering, running up and down stairs and even on stage. He set a high standard for any future key note speakers that will be hard to beat.

James Pullman

Washington FFA State President

Your concurrent session was informative and provided the teachers with valuable information they could use in their classroom. The participants rated the session 3.91 on a scale of 1-4 with 4 being an excellent rating. You did a great job with your presentations and are such a pleasure to work with.

Sharon Reddell Pierce

Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Association of Texas Professional Development Coordinator and Texas FCCLA State Adviser

Rhett knows his stuff and has strong teaching skills. You would have thought he taught in the classroom for years with many of the strategies he uses. Nice mix of fun and learning. Rhett worked with middle school and high school students and advisors from around the state, in a new city everyday. He brought high energy and was thought provoking - what an awesome combination. The students and advisors left excited and re-energized!

Sara Nilles

Program Director, Oregon Association of Student Councils

It was absolutely the best seminar I have ever been part of. Evaluations from the participants were all excellent. At the end of the seminar they were eager to commit to do productive and far reaching goals. Because of your training, encouragement, and challenges they were very eager to make some changes and strengthen Home Economics Careers and Technology programs in California. They are excited and energized thanks to you. You are the BEST!

Nina Dilbeck

California Director of Home Economics Careers and Technology Professional Development Project

Rhett is a compassionate, funny and extremely afffective leadership development speaker. Our student-athletes at K-State left his presentation feeling challenged to apply the Student Impact Principles to their athletic lives and their academics. The content was very applicable to both and everyone (students and staff) were challenged to expect more of themselves.

Jill Shields

Assistant Athletics Director for Student Services, Kansas State University

Rhett is a sure thing. He's the type of speaker who is consistently fantastic and you can count on his message to be perfectly targeted for whatever audience he is addressing. I've hired Rhett on numerous occassions and our groups never tire of his enthusiasm, his humor or, most importantly, his message.

Katy Endsley

Program Director, Ohio FFA Association

The Georgia Career and Technical Student Organizations have been priveleged to have Rhett serve as the leadership trainer for the Winter and Summer CTSO State Officer training events for multiple years. Mr. Laubach's curriculum and content are applicable for state officers. He is flexible in the development of sessions which have specific goals. Mr. Laubach also incorporates music and humor to engage students in his leadership trainings.

Sylvia Phillips

State Coordinator, Georgia Career and Technical Student Organizations

Rhett Laubach's leadership training on the "Impact Rules" was just what my National Junior Hereford Association Board of directors needed as we plan for our upcoming Junior National Hereford Expo and PRIDE Leadership conference this summer. Rhett's real world experiences that he shared with the group were motivational and educational and he did an awesome job relating to youth and training them to be their best as junior leaders of our organization.

Amy Cowan

Director of Youth Activities and Foundation, American Hereford Association

I was standing at the back of the auditorium while you were speaking. A dad of one of the 4-Hers wandered in while you were speaking. After listening a few minutes, he said out loud, "oh... this guy is really good." That may be one of the highest compliments a speaker can every get. When someone walks in the middle of a presentation and listens for a few minutes and openly pays a compliment.​

Brian Helms

Fund Development Officer, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service

We are honored to have Rhett as a speaker on our campus. Of all of our guest speakers and trainers over the past few years, Rhett is by far the most requested. I'm glad that OSU is a favorite place for him to share his message. It's definitely a win/win for everyone.​

Lorinda Schrammel

Training and Development Manager, Human Resources, Oklahoma State University

I heartily endorse Rhett Laubach as a keynote speaker or a workshop presenter. He has a variety of presentations to suit your needs, and can tailor them to the particular requirements of your audience. Your choosing Rhett will ensure a successful event, and will underscore your expertise as a meeting planner.

Joe Carrick

Assistant Superintendent, Northeast Vo-Tech Center (South Campus)

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