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The time that our office spent with Rhett Laubach may be the single most important and relevant staff meeting we have ever had. Our team thoroughly enjoyed his presentation style and delivery. His "Impact Rules" presentation made each of us think about and evaluate our roles on the team and what each of us could do to make our team more successful and cohesive. I would highly recommend Rhett and look forward to hosting him in our office again.​

Mitchell Kramer, DDS

Edmond Family Dental Designs

You will never know how much you impressed us and how much we enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for speaking at our Court Clerk Conference!

Sandra Harrison

Oklahoma Municipal Court Clerks

We have used Rhett for several company workshops. Regardless of the audience, adults or youth, Rhett has always delivered the right message at the right time. AQHA is so thankful to YourNextSpeaker for helping us meet our mission.

Leman Wall

American Quarterhorse Association

Outstanding job. Many, many employees approached me afterwards to comment on how much they enjoyed your presentation. Your presentation was exactly what we were looking for. I would like to discuss future presentations where we can expand on what was presented.

Fred Koebrick

CEO, Indian Health Service

The first speaker I have encountered who is not only inspirational, but also gives extremely valuable information and resources. I have heard Rhett speak three times and have NEVER been disappointed and neither will you!

Shellee Beatty

Human Resources Coordinator, Stillwater Medical Center

Rhett connected with my sales team and had a very positive impact. He was well worth the time, energy and investment. He was well prepared, engaging and committed to bringing a well-presented message to our sales team. His impact will not soon be forgotten!

Steve Hipson

Oklahoma City Branch Manager, Patterson Dental

As always, Rhett brought a wonderful energy as well as tangible information to the group. His experiential style was appreciated by all especially since we asked him to do the dreaded, after-lunch slot. Rhett invigorates every group to which I've had the fortunate opportunity to observe and the class loved his insights on leadership and, more specifically, the art of mentoring others.

Elaine Dodd

Vice President, Fraud Training, Oklahoma Bankers Association

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“Rhett did an outstanding job for Leadership Perryton. His presentation to the leadership class was fun, full of information and easy to understand.  Even more important – the information was something they could put to use immediately. We also got great comments from those attending the talk open to the public at our community meeting. We are using Rhett again this year and will plan for future sessions.” 

Cynthia Shattles

Leadership Perryton Coordinator

“Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Thank you so much for making great fun out of an important topic. Your presence at the HR conference was the highlight of the conference for me, We hope to bring you back again and again."

Jackie Hicks

Senior HR Representative, St. Francis Hospital

The comments I received regarding your presentation on leadership at our National Trust Real Estate Association included the words "dynamic", "engaging", "entertaining" and more. Several of our attendees said, "We need to get this guy back again." I couldn't be happier and I thank you for your participation in our forum. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone wanting their group to learn more about leadership AND would like to have fun while learning it taking place.​

Dennis Moore

Sr. Vice-President & Managing Director, Real Estate Management Group, BOK Financial

I was quite delighted to see you back. Your surgery has not slowed you down, nor dampened your message. You remain one of the few motivational speakers I can sit through because of your complete sincerity. You can teach an old cynic new ways to find the light in his job and co-workers. I've often said, the nicest thing you can do for a cynic is to prove him/her wrong. You do that well. I look forward with hope to seeing you at our next retreat and the ones beyond.

Shane Hoover

Beasley Technology​

I'm not quite sure how you did it, but in 20 short minutes you brought to light where the focus needs to be and where the energy does not need to go. You reminded all of us why we are here. It's all about the kids and you helping us will help us do a better job for them!

Sharon Storm Brown

Executive Director, Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Thank you for your engaging presentation. I can't remember the last time a speaker had to tell the audience it was time to go!

Julie Via

Chapter President, OK Green Country American Society for Training and Development

We thoroughly enjoyed your interactive approach in getting us going on setting goals. I really admire the way you spent time with each audience participant, to know their name, and used it in your presentation!

Phyllis Spriggs

Human Resources Professional

Talk about excitement and enthusiasm around the whole bank. I got calls from people who didn't go that said they have heard they missed out and call after call from those who attended about how excited they are about everything going on. I thought the workshop was perfectly organized and very effective in reaching our goals and we had great input and ideas from every group. Thank you so much for coming, it was just unbelievable, encouraging and uplifting! I keep thinking about it and am getting excited for the next time we have you back.

Amy Bailey

Training Director, Citizens Bank

THANK YOU for the awesome job during the Texas Association of Extension 4-H Agents Conference. We have heard many remarks, all positive!

Todd Williams

Texas Extension 4-H Agents

Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Thank you so much for making great fun out of an important topic. Your presence at the HR conference was the highlight of the conference for me, We hope to bring you back again and again. You have a way of making things so clear where we can all understand what we need to do to ‘Light the Fire.’

Jackie Hicks

Sr. HR Representative, Saint Francis Hospital

You were the perfect opening keynote speaker for our conference. Your energy helped "jumpstart" our attendees for the 2 1/2 day conference. We received a lot of feedback stating you were the highlight of the conference and that they truly walked away with something to take back with them to their office. We were very fortunate to find you. Thanks again.

Julie Callahan

2005 Oklahoma State Human Resources Conference Chair

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"Rhett is a better version of Will Ferrell!"

Student Leader

Agricuture Future of America (AFA) Student Advisory Team Member

I would highly recommend Rhett Laubach for officer training sessions, career awareness workshops, and keynote addresses. I have been the State TSA Advisor for the past ten years and feel Rhett is one of the best motivational speakers and workshop trainers available today.

Donovan Bowers