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Speaker Team YNS

Planning an event that requires more than just one speaker? Rhett has a team of trusted professionals to fill the needs of events where more than one speaker is needed.


Our team of talented and passionate presenters can add value to your leadership training experience. Depending on your venue and budget, YourNextSpeakers’ presenters can tailor a program to your specific needs.

Stewart Kennedy

Entreprenuer, Inventor


Stewart grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma where he learned about hard work and hard knocks. He has been in the trenches in multiple start-up companies in a variety of industries from the food industry to construction to tax credit finance. These experiences have added a multitude of profound and powerful lessons that few presenters have the opportunity to share. 


Currently, Stewart is the president of three companies NGV Fleet Partners, Pristine Development and Dry Surface Technologies, located in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Dry Surface produces Barrian a Super-Hydrophobic particle technology from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This new particle technology effectively renders a surface free from water and is transforming the laminate flooring industry. 


Stewart has been awarded the designation of a Career Tech Champion, Innovator of the Year in Oklahoma and “40 under 40” in business in the state of Oklahoma.

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Kelly Barnes

Professional Speaker


Kelly Barnes is an accomplished leader and inspirational story-teller who is equipped with life experiences and lessons that can truly develop the leader within those around him. As a professional speaker, leadership coach, and associate speaker for YourNextSpeaker, LLC, Kelly's material draws from his numerous leadership roles and life experiences that have helped him turn his life into a true testimonial of leadership and life lessons. He has a unique ability to draw any audience in with his hilarious and sincere stories and lessons.

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Dustin Galyon

College Golf Coach

Professional Speaker


Dustin Galyon is a speaker, photographer, collegiate head men’s golf coach, and entrepreneur. With Dustin, you get energy, intensity, and passion. He has the ability to connect with audiences on a variety of topics that include: motivation, team building, bullying, evangelism, customer service, and sales training.


Dustin is a very interactive storyteller that allows his audience to take ownership in every presentation. Most importantly, he inspires others to build better relationships. Seeking to be a catalyst in every single presentation, Dustin combines personal stories, photographs, and foundational steps to create positive change. Dustin is a believer and says his work in all areas is meant to glorify Christ. He prides himself in being from a small rural town in Kansas, and attributes his success to family and the mentorship of others. 

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Sarah Edsall

PR Media Specialist


Growing up the daughter of a minister, Sarah found a natural fit in leadership, speaking and service. With PR and marketing experience in the nonprofit ministry sector, Sarah is a pro at inspiring audiences to act on their convictions and develop a community mindset of helpfulness. Being a millennial herself, she relates to students in a “big-sister” kind of way and finds the greatest joy in experiencing break-through moments with students who consider themselves to be outcasts. With rooted beliefs in mentor leadership and an upbeat attitude, Sarah challenges students to see the difference they can make in the lives of others.

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