25 years. 1 million+ audience members. Coast to coast. #LiveToServe.

Rhett Laubach is a professional speaker, leadership trainer, author, presentations coach, and owner of YourNextSpeaker, LLC. Rhett presents keynotes and seminars to students, educators and business professionals. His programs are high-energy and high-impact, making him perfect to be #YourNextSpeaker.

Rhett's 25+ years of experiences have taken him to 48 states, the Bahamas, Canada, and to over one million audience members. 

Rhett's clients love working with him because he works with your budget, all he needs is a microphone and an audience, he personalizes every presentation, and he hits a home run every time!

Education Services

Rhett Laubach has changed the way thousands of people across the nation think about leadership. As a professional speaker, leadership expert and brain tumor survivor, Rhett has a multitude of profound and powerful lessons to share.

Corporate Services

Rhett’s primary focus in the corporate industry is the development of Personal Leadership Insight; our ability to positively influence people and situations to create value and growth.  

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